Underbelly is a locally owned and operated modern casual restaurant in the heart of downtown Kamloops. We feature seasonally influenced Mediterranean cuisine that pair with our craft cocktails, local wines and inspired brews. Focusing on quality ingredients and beverages that are sourced locally whenever possible, it is our goal to create a quality dining experience for the senses.


Available from 4:00-5:00pm & 9:00pm-close

  1. Beverages

    ON TAP
    Straw House
    Munich Helles Lager 6
    Stick House
    Belgian Pepper Ale 6
    Stone House
    Mocha Porter 6
    Big Bad Wolf
    India Pale Ale 7

    Aperol Spritz (1oz) | 11
    Aperol, Ruffino Prosecco, soda
    Summer Peach & Cherry Sangria (1oz) | 12
    White wine, peach schnapps, elderflower liqueur, cherry simple syrup, orange juice, orange & lemon, soda

    Singles 6¾ 
    Doubles 10¾
    Polar Ice Vodka, Alberta Premium Whisky, Gordon’s Gin, Lambs White & Dark, Sauza Tequila

  2. Underbelly Bites

    Bar Snacks | 7

    Slightly Annoyed Potatoes
    AKA ½ size Angry Potatoes: Crispy potatoes, chorizo, tomato sauce, smoked paprika aioli

    Mini Pita Pocket Bites
    Spiced beef kofta, radish, cucumber, tahini feta dressing, garlic chili sauce, za’atar

    Highly Addictive Parm Bread
    With prosciutto, grana padano, orange blossom honey
    Herbed feta/ricotta, balsamic onions, balsamic glaze

  3. Underbelly Bites

    Brick Oven
    Flatbreads | 10

    Bocconcini, tomato sauce, basil, EVOO

    Meatatarian 2.0
    Chorizo, pork belly, prosciutto, tomato sauce, mozza, bocconcini, basil

    Spiced beef kofta, pickled zucchini, green olives, feta, harissa, garlic chili sauce, torn mint, za’atar

    Feature Flatbread
    Inspired by the seasons, farmers, ranchers & our chefs

  4. Wine Down Wednesdays

    Bottles 25.00

    Hester Creek
    Cab Merlot
    Hainle Cuvee (Riesling, Pinot, Chard)

By The Glass & Bottle


  1. White Wines

    Corcelettes Gewurztraminer
    12½  |  16½  |  45

    Hester Creek Pinot Gris
    13  |  17  |  50

    Crowsnest Chardonnay
    13½  |  17½  |  50

    Hainle Cuvee – Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay
    12  |  16  |  45

    Monte Creek Ancient Waters Chardonnay   54

    Da Silva Vinho Branco Field Blend     45

    Nichol Pinot Gris     51

  2. Red Wines

    Mount Boucherie Merlot
    14½  |  19½  |  55

    Monte Creek Hands Up Red
    12½  |  16½  |  45

    2nd Chapter Syrah
    15½  |  20½   |  57

    Hester Creek Cab Merlot
    12  |  16   |  45

    Privato Pinot Noir     54

  3. Sparkling/Rosé Wines

    Ruffino Prosecco – Extra Dry
    11¾  (5oz)  |  43

    Privato Rosé
    13½  |  17½  |  51


  4. Wine Down Wednesdays

    Hester Creek Cab Merlot   25

    Hainle Cuvee – Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay   25



  1. Take Me to the Tropics | 14
    Gin, Campari, triple sec, hibiscus, pomegranate & raspberry cold brew tea, lemon juice, soda

    Indigo Mojito  | 14
    White rum, cold brew butterfly pea flower tea, simple syrup, lime juice, soda, mint

  2. Orange Blossom | 15
    Gin, Aperol, St. Germain Elderflower, fresh lemon, simple syrup, orange blossom water

    Summer Peach & Cherry Sangria   16
    White wine, peach schnapps, elderflower liqueur, orange juice, cherry simple syrup, orange & lemon, soda

  3. Carrot & Ginger Mezcal Margarita  | 17
    Mezcal, triple sec, lime juice, carrot juice, agave simple syrup, egg whites, ginger sugar & salt rim

    Passionfruit Mint Julep  | 13
    Old Grand Dad bourbon, passionfruit simple syrup, Angostura bitters, mint

  4. Espresso Martini   | 13½
    Vodka, kaluha, double cold brew coffee, simple syrup